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Commercialization in China
Over the past two decades, we have operated in China’s complex and evolving medical system.

We built a profitable commercial infrastructure, encompassing our emerging Oncology Business Department, our prescription drug business and our consumer health business.

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Commercializing Our Oncology Innovations

We have established a dedicated oncology-focused commercial team in China to support the launch of products emerging from our innovative pipeline, building on the marketing, sales and market access experience gained from our prescription drug commercial operations.

As of mid-2023, an approximately 900-person oncology team is in place, covering over 3,000 oncology hospitals and over 33,000 oncology physicians in 30 provinces and municipalities in China.

Starting October 1, 2020, this team took on development and execution of all on-the-ground medical detailing, promotion and local and regional marketing activities for fruquintinib (Elunate® in China). In January 2021, we launched our second approved therapy surufatinib (Sulanda® in China).

Outside of China, we intend to commercialize our products, if approved, in the United States, Europe and other major markets through partnerships with leading biopharmaceutical companies.

Established China Prescription Drug Commercial Infrastructure

Our prescription drugs business, conducted through our joint ventures (Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals and Hutchison Sinopharm) has a commercial network of about 2,300 prescription drug medical sales representatives, covering over 25,000 hospitals in over 330 cities and towns in China.

This large-scale, high-performing drug marketing and distribution platform has grown strongly and provides an important source of funding for our pipeline, and the infrastructure and expertise in operating and marketing pharmaceutical products in China.

Our commercial operations adheres to multi-national compliance standards and are adaptable to multiple therapeutic areas. This team has successfully marketed many third party products for multi-national corporations in China.

Dedicated oncology commercial team in China

  • ~900 oncology-specialized salespeople
  • Covering 30 provinces and municipalities
  • Over 3,000 key hospitals and cancer centers and 30,000+ oncology physicians
  • Currently responsible for the commercialization of two of our approved and launched oncology drugs in China.

(ELUNATE® in China)

(SULANDA® in China)

Extensive China coverage

Our products have extensive representation:

  • Medicines Catalogue for the National Basic Medical Insurance
  • Labour Injury Insurance and Childbirth Insurance Systems
  • National Essential Medicines List, which mandates distribution of drugs in China
  • National Reimbursement Drug List, which mandates availability in all state-run hospital pharmacies in China and reimbursement for patients included in the National Healthcare Security Administration insurance schemes.

Major commercial & production scale in China

  • ~2,300 medical representatives in China
  • ~330 cities & towns in China
  • >25,000 hospitals
  • >80,000 doctors detailed