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Pipeline and Products

Our core research and development philosophy is to take a holistic approach and treat cancer and immunological diseases through multiple modalities and mechanisms.

We have taken a science-focused approach to develop highly selective, potent and well-tolerated cancer therapies that are deliberately engineered to improve drug exposure and reduce off-target toxicities, and intended to become either global first-in-class therapies or be sufficiently differentiated to potentially be global best-in-class, next generation therapies with a superior profile compared to existing approved drugs that act against the relevant kinase targets.

We further plan to enrich our global pipeline of self-discovered drug candidates by advancing a broad range of early-stage drug candidates, which include biologics addressing novel targets designed for use in combination with our small molecules as well as potentially a broad range of third-party therapies. We expect to further expand our portfolio of drug candidates in oncological and immunological therapeutic areas by pursuing business development opportunities with other biopharmaceutical companies both in China and globally.

For more information on recent developments, please refer to our recent news, the latest presentations or  our latest financial reports.