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Other Ventures
Separate from our Oncology/Immunology R&D and commercial operations, our Other Ventures segment operates in several countries in south-east Asia, comprising of a separate Prescription Drugs business and a Consumer Health business.

Our Prescription Drugs business includes a large-scale drug marketing and distribution platforms in China with over 3,000 manufacturing and commercial personnel. It mainly consists of:

  • Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals, a non-consolidated joint venture with a commercial team of about 2,200 staff managing the medical detailing and marketing of a range of own-brand prescription drug products across mainland China. This 50/50 joint venture is with Shanghai Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical company in China.
  • Hutchison Sinopharm, a consolidated joint venture focused on providing commercial services for our own marketed drugs, as well as marketing third-party prescription drug products. This joint venture is 51% owned by HUTCHMED and 49% owned by Sinopharm, a leading distributor of pharmaceutical and healthcare products and a leading supply chain service provider in China.
A profitable business focusing primarily on the manufacture, marketing and distribution of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products and other health-related natural and organic consumer products in China.

Our Consumer Health products business includes:

  • Hutchison Hain Organic, a joint venture with exclusive rights to market and distribute health-related natural and organic consumer products under brands owned by Hain Celestial
  • Hutchison Healthcare, a wholly owned subsidiary which was established in 2001 and manufactures and sells health supplements
  • Hutchison Consumer Products, a wholly owned subsidiary which was established in 2007 that distributes and markets certain third-party consumer products