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Announcements & Press Releases, Regulatory Notice | 17 Aug 2021

Electronic Communication of Corporate Information

Hong Kong, Shanghai & Florham Park, NJ August 17, 2021: HUTCHMED (China) Limited (“HUTCHMED” or the “Company”) (Nasdaq/AIM: HCM; HKEX: 13) announces that it has written to its shareholders regarding its intention to adopt electronic communication methods for shareholder documents, including the annual report (“Corporate Communications”).

Reducing the number of communications sent by post should not only result in cost savings but is also consistent with the Company’s commitment to protecting the environment by minimizing the use of paper, reducing waste and pollution, cutting printing and mailing costs, and enabling the Company to deliver information to shareholders in a timely, convenient and cost-effective form.

The Company is recommending that shareholders elect to receive the website version of Corporate Communications.  A letter setting out the options available to shareholders, will be sent to shareholders on August 18, 2021. Shareholders wishing to continue to receive shareholder documents in hard copy form will need to notify the Company’s UK Registrar by no later than September 17, 2021, by completing and returning the response form included in the letter.  If the Company does not receive shareholders’ response by September 17, 2021, such shareholders are deemed to have agreed to receive the website version of Corporate Communications instead of printed copies.  Shareholders are entitled to change their choice of means of receipt of Corporate Communications at any time by providing reasonable notice to the UK Registrar, Computershare Investor Services Limited, by post, to the Company by email to or by accessing the UK Registrar’s Investor Centre at using the SRN provided in the letter to shareholders.

For shareholders who elect to receive Corporate Communications in printed form, the Company will send such shareholders all Corporate Communications by mail.

For shareholders who elect, or are deemed to have consented, to receive the website version of Corporate Communications, the Company will notify such shareholders by email as and when Corporate Communications are posted on the website of the Company.  If no email address is provided by shareholders, the Company will notify such shareholders by mail of the posting of Corporate Communications on the website of the Company.

All Corporate Communications in both English and Chinese in accessible format will be available on the website of the Company at for a period of at least five years.

Further details are set out in the letter, which will shortly be available on the Company’s website at



HUTCHMED (Nasdaq/AIM: HCM; HKEX: 13) is an innovative, commercial-stage, biopharmaceutical company. It is committed to the discovery and global development and commercialization of targeted therapies and immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and immunological diseases. A dedicated organization of over 1,400 personnel has advanced eleven cancer drug candidates from in-house discovery into clinical studies around the world, with its first three oncology drugs now approved and marketed. For more information, please visit: or follow us on LinkedIn.


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