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Group | 4 Mar 2021

Chi-Med becomes HUTCHMED

Today, we begin consolidating the two corporate identities that we have used since our inception.  Hutchison China MediTech, or Chi-Med, has been used as our group identity, while Hutchison MediPharma has been the identity of our novel drug R&D operations, under which our oncology products are developed and are now being marketed.

As our pipeline of novel, highly selective cancer drugs gain approval and advance to the international stage, we feel it is important to now have a single and ubiquitous corporate identity, that logically captures the history and brand equity we have built over the past twenty years.  Therefore, we have chosen to rename ourselves HUTCHMED.

HUTCHMED is a natural combination of the resonant components from our two separate identities. Our new brand retains our unique essence, whilst signaling a new chapter – one brand that helps patients around the world.

We will gradually change to this name at all levels in the company during 2021.

Our vision remains unaltered: to lead innovation in oncology and immunology drugs, meet unmet medical needs, and become a global biopharmaceutical company.