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Abstract (please download the poster for full details): Authors: Yongxin Ren, Shiming Fan, Yunxin Chen, Renxiang Tang, Wei Zhang, Jianxing Tang, Linfang Wang, Dongxia Shi, Hongbo Chen, Min Cheng, Weiguo Qing, Weiguo Su Renal cell carcinoma (RCC
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Abstract (download poster for full details): Authors: Jian-Ming Xu, Lin Shen, Yan Wang, Yu-ling Chen, Ru Jia, Jian Wang, Ke Li, Yang Sai, Jing Li, Chuan Qi, Hua Ye, Su Weiguo Background: Sulfatinib is a highly selective oral small molecule inhi
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Please see The associated abstract is available at Meeting: 2015 ASCO Annual Meeting Session: Developmental Therapeutics – Clinical Pharmacol
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